DOT Compliant Drug And Alcohol Testing

From comprehensive pre employment drug testing to post-accident drug and alcohol screening, New Era Drug Testing has the tools and insight to support each client’s individualized DOT drug testing program and ensure that every organization remains DOT compliant. Our drug and alcohol screening is performed in a manner consistent with all federal and state regulations, and our experienced staff are well-versed in the drug screening industry’s newest legal developments and technological advancements. Laboratory testing, specimen collection, hair follicle testing, advanced urine testing, and post-accident testing are among the many services New Era Drug Testing offers, as well as program management tools, consulting, and custom solutions tailored to the unique dynamics of each organization.

Who Needs To Be DOT Compliant?

For organizations that must comply with the Department of Transportation’s provision 49 CFR Part 40 – trucking companies, airlines, public transportation organizations, pipeline workers, U.S. Coast Guard crewmen, and more – New Era Drug Testing is the preferred choice among business owners, government agency managers, and owner operators. Because DOT drug testing regulations can be complicated, we recommend speaking to a compliant officer to help you determine exactly what your organization needs to remain compliant.

FMCSA Drug Testing

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin

Trucking Company DOT Drug Testing
FMCSA drug & alcohol testing is for anyone who operates or manages an employee operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 lbs or more, is designed to transport 16 or more occupants, or is used in the transport of hazardous materials.

FTA Drug Testing

Federal Transit Administration

Public Transportation
All public transportation employees must undergo DOT drug testing, including operators of revenue service vehicles, CDL-holding operators of non-revenue service vehicles, firearm-carrying security personnel, and any employees regulated by the FTA.

PUC & TLC Drug Test

Passenger Carriers & Movers

Privately owned TLC & PUC licensed individuals and companies are among the entities that must conduct regular TLC & PUC drug and alcohol testing. Each organization has a direct impact on the lives of citizens, and prohibited drug and alcohol use is an unacceptable risk.

USCG Drug Testing

United States Coast Guard

Any crewmembers operating U.S.-registered vessels in commercial service, including any person on board a vessel acting under the authority of a license, certificate of registry, or merchant mariner’s document regulated by the United States Coast Guard.

FAA Drug Testing

Federal Aviation Administration

FAA drug & alcohol testing is mandatory for any person or employer of a person who performs flight crew-member duties, flight attendant duties, flight instruction duties, aircraft dispatch duties, aircraft maintenance, ground security, and air traffic control duties.

USRA Drug Testing

United States Railroad Administration

Locomotive engineers, trainmen, conductors, switchmen, locomotive hostlers/helpers, utility employees, signalmen, train dispatchers, and any operator or employees regulated by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) must remain DOT compliant.

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DOT Compliance Program

New Era Drug Testing offers verity of products to comply with all DOT Drug and Alcohol Compliance 49 CFR Part 382 & 40 . We are are the Nations largest drug and alcohol testing consortium service provider for all Department of Transportation regulated companies such as FMCSA, FAA, FTA, USCG, PHMSA, PUC, and TLC.

Types of Drug Testing

Laboratory Testing

New Era Drug Testing makes remaining compliant with DOT drug testing regulations easy by partnering with over 10,000 DOT-approved drug testing laboratories throughout the United States. Regardless of where you live or work, a testing facility is never far away. Learn More

Specimen Collection

DOT drug testing is impossible without first collecting a sample or specimen, and this collection process must be handled by reliable professionals to ensure testing compliance. New Era Drug Testing offers multiple options for convenient for specimen collection. Learn More

Advanced Urine Testing

The most common form of drug testing, urinalysis is an inexpensive and effective way to detect past drug use. Depending on your organization’s specific needs, New Era offers the basic DOT-required 5-panel urine drug test or a comprehensive 14-panel drug test. Learn More

Hair Follicle Testing

Though a substantial specimen is needed – about 100 strands of hair, in this case – to perform a hair follicle drug test, this testing method can detect drug use as far back as 90 days, making it an effective way to test employees over a much longer timeline. Learn More

Breath Alcohol Testing

To determine if an employee is presently intoxicated, a breath alcohol test is commonly administered. Employers may give this type of drug test to employees who have been in an accident or those they have reason to suspect are under the influence of alcohol. Learn More

Blind Sample Submissions

To remain compliant with DOT drug testing regulations, all transportation employers with an aggregate of 2000 or more Department of Transportation employees must test the accuracy of laboratories by submitting blind samples (positive and negative) for testing. Learn More

DOT Compliance Management Tools

At New Era Drug Testing, we realize that achieving a drug free workplace goes beyond simple drug and alcohol testing services. To help managers integrate New Era’s testing programs into day-to-day operations and run their businesses smoothly, we offer MIS reports, database management, program audits, and medical review officer services. New Era also provides the most secure and easy-to-use online account management system in the drug and alcohol consortium industry.

MIS Reports

When starting a new alcohol and drug testing program, many employers struggle with keeping track of test results, updating employee records, and other day-to-day maintenance of data. With New Era Drug Testing, we take the hassle out of reporting with Management Information Systems (MIS) services that help you stay organized, give results in report formats that make sense, keep your company completely prepared for audits, and complete any DOT annual report requirements.

Random Employee Selection

The Department of Transportation requires that employers conduct random, unannounced drug and alcohol tests on employees each year, but unless your organization has a system for selecting and testing employees already in place, the process can be arduous and time-consuming. With New Era Drug Testing’s automated random selection program, we make sure your organization is staying DOT-compliant so you can concentrate on what matters most: running a successful business.

Random Selection

Database Management

To remain compliant with DOT regulations, all transportation companies must maintain and produce reports of a well-documented alcohol and drug testing program. Though the task of keeping perfect records may seem daunting, with New Era Drug Testing, we take the hassle out of managing a complex database, keeping track of hard copies and files, and organizing your drug testing program results, reports, and employee files into an easy-to-use, secure online database.

Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services

A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a physician that reviews all drug and alcohol test results and reports the results to the employee and employer. New Era’s Medical Review Officer service is available for companies that desire the results of their drug tests to be interpreted by an AAMCO-certified Medical Doctor (M.D.), and our affiliate MRO physicians have gone through the appropriate training programs to ensure your business stays compliant with DOT regulations

Drug Free Workplace Program Audit

Because the Department of Transportation (DOT) retains the right to inspection workplaces and testing facilities, request annual reports, and audit an employer’s Drug Free Workplace program or drug testing program at any time, organizations must be prepared to present documentation of drug testing history, employee records, blind sample submission findings, and more. With New Era Drug Testing, we’ll help ready you for any inspection, audit, or annual report.

Hire Right With Pre Employment Drug Tests

Hiring even one irresponsible employee can damage your business’s reputation, cause property damages, cost millions in lawsuits and fines and, in the worst cases, endanger the lives of other workers and civilians. To help keep your business safe and save you money, New Era helps organization make wise hiring decisions by conducting pre employment drug tests for marijuana, cocaine, opiates (opium and codeine derivatives), amphetamines (amphetamines and methamphetamines), and phencyclidine (PCP), as well as comprehensive background screenings that are compliant with all federal, state, and local laws.

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