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Keep your organization and employees DOT compliant with FTA drug testing. Our programs cover all CDL drug testing needs with a comprehensive testing system to ensure your needs are met no matter the size of your organization.

FTA drug testing allows your organization to increase profitability by avoiding hefty fines and penalties, avoiding unnecessary litigation, and minimizing your risk.

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What FTA Drug Tests Are Required For Me?

In order for your employees and organization to stay DOT compliant, the following FTA drug tests must be completed:

Pre Employment Testing

Before being hired, applicants must submit to FTA pre employment drug testing. Alcohol testing is not required but employers may choose to do so.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

An employer can conduct an FTA drug or alcohol test when they have reasonable suspicion, based on training, that the employee has engaged in misuse.

Post-Accident Testing

Employees must submit to a post-accident test following an accident in which they were involved. A fatality is not required in order to submit to testing.

Random Testing

Companies must do testing of at least 50% of their FTA employees each year to stay DOT compliant. Selection is done through a randomized process.

Return-To-Duty Testing

Employees that have previously disobeyed DOT compliance must submit to an FTA drug test when returning to their safety sensitive duties.

Follow-up Testing

FTA employees that have gone through return-to-duty testing must also submit to follow-up testing for a period after returning to work

Stay Safe & DOT Compliant With FTA Drug Testing Programs

Simple and affordable packages to keep FTA employees and organizations DOT compliant.

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Fta Background Checks - Bus Driver

FTA Background Checks

Making smart hires from the beginning can help ensure your company minimizes risk and avoids potential fines and litigation. Our FTA background check program will help your organization get a better understanding of each applicant so you can make the best decision for your company.

FTA background checks help avoid too much employee turnover and the hiring of unsavory characters that can ruin your sterling reputation. Being proactive with FTA background checks will help save money down the line.

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Fta Post-Accident Testing - Bus On Street

FTA Post-Accident Testing

As part of DOT compliance, employees must go through a variety of tests including FTA post-accident testing. Employees must submit to an FTA post-accident test if the they are involved in an accident that results in:

  • A fatality occurs.
  • Bodily injury occurs and an individual receives medical treatment away from the scene of the accident.
  • The mass transit vehicle involved is a railcar, trolley car, trolley bus, or vessel and is removed from operation.

FTA post-accident testing is taken very seriously as the safety of passengers is of utmost importance. It’s vital that your organization is able to do proper testing so that you can stay compliant, avoid fines and penalties, avoid litigation, and possible jail time.

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FTA Approved Drug & Alcohol Testing Facilities

Enjoy the convenience of over 12,000 testing facilities across the nation to stay DOT compliant. The facilities we have teamed up with have staffs that are well versed in the rules and regulations to ensure your compliance.

Our FTA drug and alcohol testing facilities all comply with Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, and SAMHSA meaning you’ll be covered from every angle.


Over 12,000 Drug Testing Locations Across The US


Stay Safe & DOT Compliant With FTA Drug Testing Programs

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