TLC & PUC Drug And Alcohol Testing

With a network of over 10,000 testing locations, New Era is your best source for TLC and PUC drug and alcohol test programs for limousine companies and independent drivers. We offer Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance testing, drug testing program management, staff training resources, background screening services, and much more.

It is no surprise that drug and alcohol use can greatly inhibit a person’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. The United States DOT has created numerous regulations to prevent drivers from using any drugs and alcohol. If you, or your company provides limousine service, it is important to stay DOT compliant with TLC & PUC drug and alcohol testing for your own safety, your passenger(s) and the general public.


DOT Compliance is strictly enforced with limousine companies and drivers, and proper documentation is mandatory. Violating any DOT laws can result in penalties such as large fines or even jail time. At New Era, we know the limousine industry and its many regulations!

TLC & PUC Drug Testing Compliant Program

TLC & PUC Drug Testing Compliant Program

New Era Drug Testing offers PUC & TLC drug and alcohol testing programs that is convenient and affordable.

Conducting Drug Testing For The TLC & PUC Industries

Pre-employment Testing

Before you become a limo driver, you are required to take a TLC & PUC drug test to be compliant with DOT. Only after receives a negative test result you may begin operating.

Post-Accident Testing

When a limo driver is involved in an accident, a post-accident test will be required. The driver is required to remain available for testing and they are not allowed to refuse it.

Random Testing

Limo drivers are subject to unannounced random drug and alcohol testing. Alcohol testing can be administered just prior to, during or just after a delivery.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

A limo driver is required by law to submit to any test (drug, alcohol or both) that a supervisor requests based on reasonable suspicion.

Return-To-Duty Testing

If a limo driver has previously violated the drug and alcohol rules, they are required to take another drug and alcohol test before returning to service.

Follow-Up Testing

The amount of follow-up testing a TLC or PUC licensed driver receives is determined by a substance abuse professional and may continue for up to 5 years.

Nationwide Testing Laboratories

Drug Test Locations

New Era Drug Testing is partnered with more than 10,000 DOT-approved TLC and PUC drug testing locations in the United States. Our laboratories are managed by a team of experienced, certified staff members who ensure specimen collection, testing, and analysis follows all protocols. We fully comply with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp.

Required Drug Testing Documents for Records

Custody Control Forms

Test Results

Testing Process Administration

Return-to-Duty Process Administration

Employee Training

Supervisor Training

Affordable DOT Compliance Drug And Alcohol Testing Programs.