Driver Qualification File Management

Staying in-line with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) should be top priority for those in the transportation industry. New Era Drug Testing makes Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance that much easier with our Driver Qualification (DQ) File Management Service.

Our DQ File Management Service assists with establishing, organizing, standardizing and maintaining your DOT driver documentations, which includes documents such as safety performance history, MVR and driver application for employment. New Era’s DQ file management service also tracks and keeps all company-related documents.

Driver Qualification Management Software

Benefits of a DQ File Management

Keeping track of all driver requirements and information can be challenging at times. When you utilize New Era’s DQ File Management software, you will be guided every step of the way – from pre-employment to post-employment. The software will take you through every step of the DOT driver qualification process and it will make sure that you don’t miss an important date ever again. Users can also access their file on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone device, which makes this a highly convenient software.

Dependable Customer Service

The knowledgeable team at New Era Drug Testing is readily available to provide expert guidance to our customers using the DQ file management software. Our team has years of experience in the transportation industry, so we know exactly what it takes to stay DOT compliant.  We also understand how time consuming it can be to keep track of all the documentations. We are here to help you! For any questions or concerns, we welcome you to contact us at 1-800-801-0966.

DQ File Management Software Features:

Reliable Security

secureThe software keeps driver information safe from unauthorized users and any disasters that may occur, such as a computer crash.

Simple Customization

customizationOwners of the software have the ability to assign various access levels to the driver qualification files according to the needs of the company.

Automatic Notifications

notificationsOur software provides users with email notifications that help track important information, such as driver’s licenses, motor vehicle reports and more.

Multi-Device Access

devicesWith New Era’s software, all of your files will be backed up and accessible from any device, including desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet.

Access To Reports

reportsOur software makes it simple to search and retrieve driver information. Some of the reports include forecast reports, master driver reports and terminated driver reports.

Additional Software Features

  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Background Checks
  • Law Enforcement Portal
  • Electronic Signatures
  • And Much More!

To learn more about New Era’s driver qualification file management service, please contact us today 1-800-801-0966