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Railroads in the U.S help our country move goods and people. Keeping them safe through the FTA drug testing program is vital to ensuring DOT compliance. Employees working under the FRA are responsible for the safety of lives and ensuring a drug free workplace is paramount to maintaining safety.

New Era Drug Testing offers a comprehensive program and options for FRA drug testing to take care of all railroad and Maintenance of Way (MOW) employee needs.

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FRA Drug Testing Programs That Are Required For Railroad Employees

The FRA has expanded it’s list of employees that are required to submit to FRA drug testing programs. It now includes a broader definition of employee that includes Maintenance of Way employees which includes contractors.

Pre Employment Testing
FRA railroad employees and MOW workers must complete a pre employment FRA drug test in order to be hired for their position.

Random Testing
FRA and MOW employees must complete a random drug test. Companies must annually test at least 50% of employees for drugs and 25% for alcohol.

Post-Accident Testing
FRA and MOW employees are required to submit a post-accident test in the case of an accident occurs in which they were involved.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing
If a supervisor has reasonable suspicion that a FRA or MOW employee has misused drugs or alcohol, they must submit to a reasonable suspicion test.

Return-To-Duty Testing
FRA and MOW employees that have violated drug and alcohol policies must submit to a return-to-duty drug test before they are placed back to work.

Follow-up Testing
After return-to-duty testing you’re required to submit follow-up drug testing for up to 5 years with a minimum of 6 tests in the first year back.

Stay Safe While Riding The Rails – Become DOT Compliant

Avoid fines and penalties by staying DOT compliant with our FRA drug testing programs.

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FRA Background Check

Maintain your pristine reputation with FRA background checks before each employee you hire. Doing background checks can help your company limit penalties and fines, minimize fraud and theft, and avoid potential litigation.

Our FRA background checks will provide you with a detailed look at every candidate you are looking to hire ensuring that you have the full picture before making any crucial hiring

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FRA Drug Test Panel

As an FRA employee or MOW employee, in order to stay DOT compliant you must submit to FRA drug test panel. The panel is the type of drugs that you are being tested for in your system.

FRA drug test panel covers the following types of drugs:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Opioids
  • Phencyclidine

FRA Drug & Alcohol Testing Locations

To serve our clients’ needs, New Era Drug Testing works with over 12,000 FRA drug and alcohol testing locations that are all DOT approved. Each staff member is well versed in the needs and regulations to keep your information secure and to ensure compliance. All of our laboratories comply with Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, and SAMHSA.

With over 12,000 locations to choose from, any FRA or MOW employee is able to get their testing done in a quick and secure manner so that they can get back to their jobs sooner.


Over 12,000 Drug Testing Locations Across The US


Stay Safe While Riding The Rails – Become DOT Compliant

Avoid fines and penalties by staying DOT compliant with our FRA drug testing programs.