Affordable DOT Supervisor & Employee Training

Online DOT Compliance Training For Supervisors & Employees

Keep your company a drug free workplace with our DOT supervisor and employee training. Our courses are DOT-approved and will ensure compliance for your team to allow your organizations to follow the proper guidelines necessary.

We’ve made our DOT supervisor and employee training programs easily accessible and understandable so that all employees get the proper education on how a drug free workplace will benefit them.

What’s Included In DOT Supervisor & Employee Training Programs

  • Supervisor Training Program
  • Employee Educational Program

Training should ensure that supervisors understand the drug free workplace policy, ways to recognize and deal with employees who have performance issues related to alcohol and drug use, and offer an easy-to-understand explanation of the consequences for violating the policy. New Era’s DOT Supervisor Training Program also addresses the physical, behavioral, speech and performance indicators of probable alcohol misuse and use of controlled substances. Areas covered in New Era’s coursework include

  • Management & Leadership Skills
    Focuses on how supervisors can improve the productivity of their employees by teaching key management skills to help employees modify their behavior and become more successful at work.
  • Drug Testing Education
    Teaches supervisors about the drug testing process, from specimen collection through the medical review of results.
  • Alcohol Testing Education
    New Era’s alcohol training helps supervisors learn about the alcohol testing process and the role of the substance abuse professional in counseling.

New Era’s employee training programs are offered using our convenient online training program. After completing the program, employees will know about your company’s drug and alcohol policy, up-to-date information on drug and alcohol use and abuse, what types of tests each employee will be expected to take to remain DOT-compliant, and employee and employer rights. The components of the DOT employee training program include:

  • Employee Awareness
    Employee training programs provide employees with information about your company’s policies and procedures regarding alcohol and drug misuse and how it can impact the workplace.
  • Drug Testing Education
    Employees learn about the drug testing process, what types of drugs they’ll be tested for, and what happens with test results.
  • Alcohol Testing Education
    Employees learn about alcohol testing procedures and how professional counseling for substance abuse may help those who suffer from alcoholism.
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Do I Need To Do DOT Supervisor & Employee Training?

Unsure if you need to get DOT supervisor and employee training? Many industries that fall under the regulations of the DOT require employees and supervisors to get DOT training.

New Era Drug Testing’s DOT supervisor and employee training works with:

FMCSA Training

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin

Fmcsa Compliance - Plane
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FAA Training

Federal Aviation Administration

Faa Compliance - Plane
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PUC & TLC Training

Passenger Carriers & Movers

Puc &Amp; Tlc Compliance - Limo
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Stay DOT Compliant:
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Easy-to-access online training to get
your company DOT compliant.

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The Benefits Of Our DOT
Supervisor & Employee Training Program

  • Comprehension Testing
    Interactive training that incorporates quizzes to ensure knowledge retention.
  • Accessibility
    Available 24/7/365 for supervisors and employees to train on their schedule.
  • Low Costs
    Affordable DOT supervisors and employee training to keep you DOT compliant.
  • Easy Documentation
    Easy to access progress and track performance. PLUS! Print out Certificate of Completion!
  • Simple Implementation
    Web-based delivery! All you and your team need is internet access for our programs!
  • DOT Compliance
    New Era’s Training satisfies the DOT’s supervisor training and employee education requirements.
  • Flexibility
    Testing program licenses may be ordered in bulk or individually, depending on your needs.
  • Available Now
    Within minutes of your order, licenses can be ready for use.
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FMCSA Drug Testing

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin

Fmcsa Compliance - Plane

FAA Drug Testing

Federal Aviation Administration

Faa Compliance - Plane

PUC & TLC Drug Testing

Passenger Carriers & Movers

Puc &Amp; Tlc Compliance - Limo