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In addition to alcohol and drug testing, supervisor training and employee education programs help keep workplaces safe and employees productive. New Era Drug Testing provides DOT-approved courses both onsite and online, allowing your organization to choose which training program best fits your needs, and every program offers vital tools to help both supervisors and employees understand and follow your company’s Drug Free Workplace program. Also, as with all of New Era’s programs and services, our educational materials help your business stay compliant with all SAMSHA and Department of Transportation regulations.

At New Era Drug Testing, we aim to make educating your workforce as easy as possible by offering training options that work with our client’s schedules. Through both our on-site training program and 1-hour online program, both employees and supervisors acquire the knowledge and tools needed to make educated decisions about drug use and alcohol misuse.

Supervisor Training Program

Training should ensure that supervisors understand the drug free workplace policy, ways to recognize and deal with employees who have performance issues related to alcohol and drug use, and offer an easy-to-understand explanation of the consequences for violating the policy. New Era’s Supervisor Training Program also addresses the physical, behavioral, speech and performance indicators of probable alcohol misuse and use of controlled substances. Areas covered in New Era’s coursework include:

Management and Leadership Skills

Focuses on how supervisors can improve the productivity of their employees by teaching key management skills to help employees modify their behavior and become more successful at work.

Drug Testing Education

Teaches supervisors about the drug testing process, from specimen collection through the medical review of results.

Alcohol Testing Education

New Era’s alcohol training helps supervisors learn about the alcohol testing process and the role of the substance abuse professional in counseling.

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Employee Educational Program

New Era’s employee training programs are offered using on-site materials or through our convenient online training program. After completing the program, employees will know about your company’s drug and alcohol policy, up-to-date information on drug and alcohol use and abuse, what types of tests each employee will be expected to take to remain DOT-compliant, and employee and employer rights. The components of the employee training program include:

Employee Awareness

Employee training programs provide employees with information about your company’s policies and procedures regarding alcohol and drug misuse and how it can impact the workplace.

Drug Testing Education

Employees learn about the drug testing process, what types of drugs they’ll be tested for, and what happens with test results.

Alcohol Testing Education

Employees learn about alcohol testing procedures and how professional counseling for substance abuse may help those who suffer from alcoholism

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Advantages Of Our Training Programs

Comprehension Testing
Training courses require employees and supervisors to regularly interact to proceed and incorporate quizzes to ensure participants have a basic understanding of the material.

Available 24/7/365, New Era’s training programs allow employees and supervisors to take courses on their schedule and, should they be pulled away, to resume the session at their earliest convenience.

Low Costs
New Era’s educational programs provide a low-cost way to ensure that your workforce receives the education needed to stay DOT-compliant and keep your workplace safe.

Easy Documentation
Records are automatically tracked and available online as each person completes the courses. Employees can print a “Certificate of Completion” after successfully completing each training module.

Simple Implementation
Bare minimum requirements (internet access and a web browser) make educating employees and supervisors simple and affordable. Even large companies with multiple locations can quickly get their workers up-to-speed thanks to our web-based delivery system.

DOT Compliance
New Era’s Training satisfies the DOT’s supervisor training and employee education requirements.

Testing program licenses may be ordered in bulk or individually, depending on your needs.

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If you have any questions about our Supervisor Training and Employee drug and alcohol abuse education programs, please contact New Era Drug Testing today at 1-800-801-0966.