Four Common DOT Drug Testing Myths

Over the years, we at New Era Drug Testing have heard a lot of interesting theories about ways to “beat the test” and stories about how our clients’ employees have tried to cheat our accurate drug testing methods. Some of our favorite myths about how to beat a DOT drug test include:

#1: Drinking Lots of Water Will Help You Pass a Test

One of the most common and persistent “pass your drug test” myths involves drinking a lot of water which, in a process known as “dilution,” is suppose to speed up the body’s metabolism and flush the signs of drug use out of one’s system. This actually sort of works; drinking lots of water does make it harder to detect THC and other drugs still lingering in the body. However, what drug users don’t know is that New Era’s DOT drug tests also monitor the amount of creatinine in urine, and depleted creatinine levels are a sure sign that something fishy is going on. If creatinine levels in a person’s urine is below normal, more extensive testing is often recommended and drug use is usually revealed.

#2: All Drug Tests Rely on Urine Specimens

Though testing a urine sample is the most popular and cost-effective DOT-approved drug testing method, it is not without it’s limitation. Companies that wish to look deeper into an employee or potential employee’s drug use history may ask that a hair follicle sample be taken and tested. Because drug molecules reside within a person’s hair, this type of test can detect drug use as far back as 90 days!

#3: “Adulterants” Can Help People Cheat a Drug Test

Some cheaters add “adulterants” like drano, bleach, ammonia, or one of the dozens of over-the-counter kits to urine in order to mask the evidence of drug toxins. While this method may have messed with tests form yesteryear, today’s laboratories can immediately detect substances that aren’t supposed to be there. If a strange substance has made its way into your pee, chances are you’ll be asked to take the test again.

#4: Exercise Will Make The Body Flush Out Drugs Faster

Because the body stores THC (the active drug found in marijuana) in fat cells, some schools of thought claim that rigorous workouts a day or two before a drug test can burn away these fat cells and the toxins along with them. Unfortunately, there is little evidence that this method for passing a drug test actually works, but hey, we won’t tell you not to work out. Whether or not you have a drug test looming in your immediate future, it’s never a bad idea to get your sweat on.

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