Stay DOT Compliant With New Era’s Checklist

Running a successful transportation company means delivering goods (or people) to their destinations safely and efficiently, of course, but it also means operating within the legal framework constructed by law-enforcing organizations like the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA). Trucking companies, especially, must make sure that all aspects of the organization are observing state and federal rules and regulations or risk fines, suspensions, or business closure.

Unsure about what the DOT requires for compliance. Consult New Era Drug Testing’s handy Compliance Checklist to keep your company running smoothly!

Checklist for General DOT Compliance Rules

To Remain DOT compliant, every company MUST:

  • Have an up-to-date copy of the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules visibly posted in your company’s office or place of business
  • Distribute a copy of the FMCSA regulation to all employees and keep signed agreements to comply with the regulations on file
  • Make sure drivers are familiar with Parts 40, 380, 382, 383, 387, 390-397, 399, Subchapter B, Chapter 3, Title 49 of the Federal Regulations Code
  • Complete both pre-trip and post-trip inspections of your vehicles and document inspections in writing
  • Keep qualification records and safety performance histories for each of your drivers on record
  • Thoroughly document each driver’s hours of service
  • Create and document a regular vehicle maintenance program
  • Keep detailed records of all accidents or workplace incidents
  • Ensure that every vehicles is marked with the appropriate DOT number
  • Comply with Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) driver training requirements

Drug and Alcohol Compliance Checklist

The Department of Transportation has been stepping up enforcement of drug and alcohol testing rules, and transportation companies that fail to comply can be subject to fines, driver suspensions, and even business closure. To keep your business in the DOT’s good graces, you MUST:

  • Ensure that drivers have copies of the DOT policies
  • Keep results of driver pre-employment drug tests on file
  • Make sure no drivers perform safety-sensitive tasks until drug tests have been taken and returned “negative”
  • Check with your driver’s former employers learn of any problems with drug or alcohol abuse at previous job; keep records of your findings
  • Enroll drivers in a separate random drug testing pool
  • Perform random drug tests on at least 50% of your drivers each year
  • Randomly check at least 10% of your drivers for alcohol abuse annually
  • Make sure all tests are performed immediately after driver is notified of testing
  • Require all supervisors to complete a DOT-approved training program
  • Immediately remove drivers in violation of DOT regulations from duty; refer offending drivers to your company’s substance abuse program
  • Ensure that all required records relating to drug and alcohol regulations are on file and can be retrieved at any time.

You Got All That?

If remembering all of the information on these checklists seems like a Herculean task, that’s because it is. Many companies even hire Compliance Officers to ensure their company stays within DOT regulations, but if your organization doesn’t have that luxury, maybe it’s time to turn to the professionals at New Era Drug Testing. Our drug testing, educational, and reporting services will help your transportation company comply with all DOT and FMCSA regulations. Find out more today!