CDL Drug & Alcohol Testing

DOT Compliance Solutions For Commercial Drivers

Stay safe on the roads and keep DOT compliant with CDL drug and alcohol testing from one of our over 12,000 DOT-approved testing facilities across the country.

Keeping DOT compliant by doing CDL drug testing ensures that you’re able to haul more loads consistently, keep your schedule booked, and avoid any penalties that can impact your income. New Era Drug Testing’s CDL drug and alcohol testing programs will make sure you’re completely in check with no worries.

You must be DOT compliant if the truck you drive:

  • Has a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 lbs or more
  • Is designed to transport 16 occupants or more
  • Is used in the transport of hazardous materials
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Types Of CDL Drug Tests Required To Stay DOT Compliant

Pre Employment Testing

Commercial truck drivers must pass a pre-employment drug screening before being hired to become DOT compliant.

Post-Accident Testing

Commercial truck drivers post-accident drug testing is required after being involved in an accident to stay DOT compliant.

Random Testing

Commercial truck drivers require taking a randomized drug testing. Random alcohol tests are done before, during, or after delivery.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Commercial truck drivers must submit a FMCSA drug and alcohol test if their employer or supervisor suspects drug or alcohol abuse.

Return-To-Duty Testing

Drug tests are required for truck drivers when returning to duty if they were penalized for previously disobeying DOT regulations.

Follow-up Testing

Once a commercial truck driver has returned to duty after DOT compliance violations, they will have regular follow up drug screenings.

DOT Compliant

  • Enrollment Certificate
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Employee Education Guide
  • Access To 10K Collection Sites
  • Medical Review
  • Pre-Employment Drug Test
  • FREE Annual Random Test

$55 Per Driver

Add On:

Additional Drivers ($15 each)

Pre-Employment Drug Testing ($65 each)

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DOT Compliant
Enrollment & Testing

  • Enrollment Certificate
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Employee Education Guide
  • Access To 10K Collection Sites
  • Medical Review
  • Pre-Employment Drug Test
  • FREE Annual Random Test

$155 Per Driver

$195 Per Employee

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Add Additional Drivers ($109 each)

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DOT Compliant
Training Courses

These courses meet or exceed the training requirements in all 50-states for the following federal agencies: FMCSA, FAA, FTA, FRA, USCG, PHMSA that use the DOT guidelines.

  • Employee & Supervisor Awareness Training
  • Drug & Alcohol Test Training
  • Same-Day Certificate Issuance
  • Instant Course Access
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Driver Qualification File

  • Commercial Driver Application
  • MVR Report
  • Previous Employer Verification
  • Medical Exam Status
  • Crash Inspection Report (PSP)
  • Clearinghouse Query

Streamline Your Compliance Procedures & Potentially Avoid Hefty Fines

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Cdl Drug Test

DOT Clearinghouse

If your organization still hasn’t complied with the DOT Clearinghouse, you shouldn’t waste any more time. The DOT Clearinghouse impacts your entire hiring process and can be a complete mess to sort through by yourself.

At New Era Drug Testing we have a dedicated Clearinghouse team that will help guide your organization through the set up process so that you stay DOT compliant and avoid any costly penalties and fines.

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Drug Test For Cdl Permit - Bus Driver

Drug Test For CDL Permit

Earning your CDL permit is an amazing feeling! You’re on your way to becoming a part of one of America’s biggest industries! But in order to stay DOT compliant it’s import that you take a drug test when looking to become gainfully employed! Our team at New Era Drug Testing is able to handle all the testing requirements for you to stay DOT compliant and stay safe on the road!

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CDL Background Check

Whether you’re an owner operator or driving for a company, you’re going to be required to do a CDL background check to be DOT compliant. CDL background checks allow employers to insure their investment in you is safe as well as knowing they can continuously give you loads so that you can stay booked.

At New Era Drug Testing we take care of everything when it comes to your CDL background check so that you can focus on getting loads. Once you’ve entered our easy-to-use program we’ll take care of the rest!

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Cdl Background Check - Truck Driver

CDL Drug & Alcohol Test Locations

New Era Drug Testing works with over 12,000 DOT-approved FMCSA CDL drug testing locations across the United States, meaning there’s a convenient location for you no matter where you live. The certified lab technicians follow protocol and are experienced in the world of specimen collecting, testing, analysis, and reporting. We comply with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp.

Cdl Drug Test Cdl Drug Test

Over 12,000 Drug Testing Locations Across The US

FMCSA Drug Testing

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin

Fmcsa Compliance - Plane

FAA Drug Testing

Federal Aviation Administration

Faa Compliance - Plane

PUC & TLC Drug Testing

Passenger Carriers & Movers

Puc &Amp; Tlc Compliance - Limo

FTA Drug Testing

Federal Transit Administration

Fta Drug Testing - Bus

USCG Drug Testing

United States Coast Guard

Uscg Drug Testing - Coast Guard

FRA Drug Testing

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