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With over 10,000+ locations nationwide, New Era Drug Testing takes pride in offering reliable, professional, and certified DOT medical exams for Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders. Streamline your DOT medical exam process and maintain compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) by our convenient online orders and unmatched service.

What Is A DOT Medical Exam?

A DOT medical exam, also known as a DOT physical exam, evaluates the patients physical and mental health or wellness as it is very crucial for the safety of those operating any commercial motor vehicle (CMV), especially vehicles with a gross combination weight rating over 10,00 pound.

According to federal regulations, a dot medical card granted to commercial drivers after dot physicals can be valid for up to 24 month depending on the person’s condition.

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Dot Medical Exam

Components of a DOT Physical Exam

Dot Medical Exam

During your DOT medical exam, our certified medical examiners will assess your current health status. They will begin by reviewing your medical history to see if you have had any previous conditions, treatments, surgeries, or medications.

In order to meet the DOT’s physical health criteria you may be evaluated on the following factors:

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Breathing
  • Reflexes
  • Sleep
  • Vital Sign

You may also be required to undergo DOT drug and alcohol testing if deemed necessary.

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Certified Medical Examiners

All medical exams are conducted by a certified medical examiner listed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry. Our certified medical examiners have been highly educated and trained in the field and can accurately assess the patients.

Secure File Management

Keeping track of all your drivers DOT medical examination records can become challenging especially when you have a large team of drivers. With our DQ file management software you can securely upload and store a DOT medical examination report or DOT medical examiner’s certificate digitally.

Trust in Our Expertise and Professionalism

New Era Drug Testing is dedicated to offering quick and accurate DOT medical examinations to ensure your safety as you operate a commercial motor vehicle. Conveniently schedule your DOT medical exam online today!