Why It’s Important For Limo Drivers To Be DOT Compliant

The Department of Transportation (DOT) issues many regulations and strict standards for all those who provide a transportation service to citizens, including public transportation, private transportation, and commercial trucks. Safety is of the utmost importance to DOT and they have created drug and alcohol screenings all employers and employees must adhere to. Limousine drivers are no exception to these standards, even though they may be a part of a privately-owned company. If you own a limo company, here are a few reasons why it is crucial for your employees to be DOT compliant.

Protect Passengers and Other Drivers.

Being DOT compliant means that your limo drivers have gone through the most thorough testing possible to ensure there are no traces of drugs or alcohol in their system. By neglecting this testing and ensuring your employees are DOT compliant, you are risking the lives of the public when you allow your drivers to transport customers. Not only is a driver who is not compliant with DOT standards a hazard to the passengers inside the limo, but also other drivers on the road, and pedestrians. The customers who book a limousine for any occasion are putting their lives into the hands of the limo driver, and they deserve to enjoy a safe, stress-free ride. The importance of ensuring your drivers are DOT compliant is paramount because it is the best way to prevent tragic accidents like this recent event:

January 2016, 55-year-old Semere Dawit, limousine driver, caused an accident that killed two people and left five critically injured. Dawit was slumped over the steering wheel of his Chevy suburban when firefighters were called to inspect the driver and vehicle. When the firefighters tried to approach him, he sped off causing the fatal crash seconds later. Investigators believe Dawit was driving under the influence. He has a past record that displays several driving infractions and was still employed as a limo driver despite having a background check. If Dawit’s employer had taken his responsibilities a step further to provide DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing, Dawit might have been suspended from his driving privileges, avoiding this crash altogether.

Save Your Business From Being Shut Down.

Once the DOT finds that your company has employed one or more employees who pose a threat to public safety, they won’t hesitate to shut down the business. One example is Lynette’s Limousine Services. Upon investigation, federal officials found that the limo service failed to inspect and perform maintenance on its vehicles and that they allowed vehicles to drive customers that had previously failed safety inspections. Lynette’s Limousine Service also failed to ensure its drivers were compliant with hours-of-service requirements, allowed unqualified drivers to chauffeur customers, and they failed to ensure all drivers were compliant with drug and alcohol testing regulations. Anne Ferro, an administrator with DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, said in a report, “When it comes to safety, there is no cutting corners. We will continue to take immediate action to shut down companies that put the traveling public at risk.” If you would like to ensure your business doesn’t get shut down by the DOT, make sure your drivers are DOT-compliant with adequate drug and alcohol testing, and take care of your vehicles.

Ensure all Drivers Are Held to the Same Standards.

The DOT sets strict standards when it comes to controlled substance and alcohol testing, and they employ certain procedures to provide the most thorough results possible. If you are ever concerned with the drug testing service you chose not being compliant with federal and state agencies, switch to DOT-compliant drug testing, and you won’t ever need to worry if your efforts were adequate enough to protect public safety. The same high standards are used in private companies, airlines, and even the U.S Coast Guard. With such prestigious organizations trusting this level of testing, you can feel confident knowing your drivers have gone through the most comprehensive and rigorous testing available.

As the owner of a limousine service, you have the immense responsibility to protect the lives of your passengers, and fellow drivers. Don’t take this lightly, because the consequences of neglecting to ensure your drivers are DOT compliant can be deadly—both for the people involved and for your business.

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