Your Guide To DOT Drug & Alcohol Supervisor Training Requirements

The Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has plenty of regulations for workers in the trucking industry and other positions requiring a commercial driver’s license (CDL). And while you’re probably aware of its drug and alcohol testing requirements, you might not know about its drug and alcohol supervisor training requirements.

If you’re confused by the DOT’s training requirements, you’re in luck. The team at New Era Drug Testing are experts in DOT drug testing, alcohol testing, and training. And we’re here to help with your required drug and alcohol supervisor training needs.

What Is DOT Drug & Alcohol Supervisor Training?

DOT drug and alcohol supervisor training ensures that employers and those in charge at any business with CDL licensed drivers know how to handle required drug and alcohol testing. The training helps supervisors understand drug and alcohol testing requirements and the DOT’s drug-free workplace requirements. And with that training, supervisors can ensure their employees stay compliant with the DOT’s drug testing standards. Moreover, it teaches employers and supervisors how to recognize the signs of drug and alcohol abuse, allowing them to help employees seek drug counseling or alcohol counseling services if needed.

The DOT requires drug and alcohol supervisor training for employers or supervisors of anyone who operates vehicles that require a CDL. You’ll want to ensure you have proof of your enrollment for the department, and that you’re getting your training from a reputable service.

Do Owner-Operators Need Drug & Alcohol Supervisor Training?

Plenty of people own and operate their own trucks, but do they also need supervisor training? According to the FMCSA, owner-operators are not required to undergo drug and alcohol training. However, they are still required to join a drug and alcohol testing consortium in order to stay compliant with DOT and FMCSA standards.

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Do Employees Need Drug & Alcohol Training?

Drug and alcohol supervisor training is intended to help supervisors educate their employees on how the DOT’s drug and alcohol policies. As such, employees are not required to go through similar training. That said, most companies offer some sort of formal drug and alcohol training to employees to help them understand the system.

New Era Drug Testing offers employee educational programs to ensure you understand the DOT’s drug testing and alcohol testing requirements, and are able to recognize potential signs of drug and alcohol abuse.

Enroll In Drug & Alcohol Training Programs Today

The DOT’s drug and alcohol supervisor training requirements may seem cumbersome to some, but remember, they’re ultimately aimed at keeping your workplace safe. When supervisors understand the government’s requirements, they’re able to ensure that employees can keep their jobs. And more importantly, they’ll be able to recognize drug and alcohol abuse, ultimately helping employees get the help they need.

If you’re need DOT compliant drug and alcohol supervisor training, consider New Era Drug Testing. Our drug testing consortium offers easy, fast, and effective training for both supervisors and employees, in addition to comprehensive testing services across the nation. Contact New Era Drug Testing today for more info on our services.