9 Best Truck Driver Training Schools In The Country

Most people think truck driving is pretty simple. You just hop into a big rig, turn on the ignition, and hit the road. But of course, it’s a lot more difficult than it sounds. Driving is nothing like driving a car, and you need to be ready to handle mechanical problems, dangerous weather conditions and more while transporting your cargo.

Thankfully, you can learn how to handle those problems and more from a truck driver training school. There are plenty of trucking schools around the country, and to help you narrow down the options we’ve rounded up some of the best below. These schools will no doubt help you get on your way to a successful trucking career.

1) SAGE Truck Driving Schools

SAGE’s truck driving schools exclusively cater to truck driving, providing students a solid background in both driving and the trucking industry as a whole. SAGE has locations around the country, meaning you should have no trouble finding a school near you. Even better, its solid reputation has helped SAGE build partnerships with carriers around the nation, helping students land jobs after earning their credentials.

2) Tidewater Community College

If you’re in Virginia, consider earning your CDL at Tidewater Community College. The school, located in Norfolk, VA,  offers a truck driver training program that will have you on the road within eight weeks. The school promises that you can find work as a local, over-the-road or short-haul trucker after course completion. And of course, the school experience will help you land bigger and better jobs in the future.

3) Northampton Community College

This Pennsylvania-based school caters to students in both its home state and New Jersey, but what really sets it apart is its dedication to military veterans and their families. Thanks to a grant from the government, the college is offering free training to military veterans  and their spouses.

4) Des Moines Area Community College Transportation Institute

For students in the Midwest, the Des Moines Area Community College Transportation Institute is a safe choice. Flexible course schedules, low-cost training programs and the chance to fill pre-hire applications for jobs make the school’s program a great choice.

5) Ozarks Technical Community College Transportation Training Institute

Residents of Montana will want to check out the transportation training institute at Ozarks Technical Community College. You’ll get one-on-one training from teachers and get additional training on driving simulators that simulate different weather conditions on the roads.

6) West Hills Community College District

If you want to do more than just drive a truck, check out Wes Hills Community College District’s Heavy Equipment training program. You can earn your truck driving license in the program, and can also get training in operating forklifts, tractors, dump trucks and more.

7) Joliet Junior College

Unlike some other programs, truck driving program at Joliet Junior College is aimed at potential drivers with no trucking experience. Instead of brushing up on your skills, this program will give newbies all the skills they need to succeed.

8) Johnson County Community College

Want to get your CDL but still need to work? Then Johnson County Community College is for you. This Kansas college boasts one of the few truck driver training programs aimed at working professionals in the Midwest. You can work during the day and take one class per night, with additional classes on the weekends, in order to earn your license.

9) Cecil College

Cecil College’s commercial driver training program offers training in both truck driving and bus driving. Earning both licenses is actually pretty easy, and will help you land work after completing the program.

Honorable Mention:

If you’re near our headquarters in Los Angeles, LA Truck Driving is an amazing local school that offers both Class A and Class B training. They partner with some of the country’s leading trucking companies to help their students with job placement after they complete their courses.

Getting professional training from a truck driving school or program will put you on the path to a great career. And if you’re running a business, you’ll rest easy knowing that your drivers have the professional skills to safely hit the road. Once you’ve found your drivers, New Era Drug Testing can help you complete the required DOT drug and alcohol testing to keep your business operating smoothly. Contact New Era Drug Testing today for more information on our services.